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Adsense in Socialize Me Elgg Theme

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I installed the Socialize Me theme in one of my Elgg site. You can visit their gallery HERE. My Elgg is can be viewed on this WINALITE.

This is how the actual page look like and see how visible the 2 300x250 google ads on the front page.

Before we begin, make sure you enable this theme in your ELGG admin page. Now let's insert the necessary code to make it happen. You need the adsense code of your 300x250 box size google ads.

To begin with, you need to browse your Elgg installation and edit the file new_index.php which can be found on this path \mod\customindex\views\default\canvas\layout\new_index.php

On the file, look for the keyword then insert the adsense code below it as shown on the picture.

(replace * with <) *div align=center>
*table border="1">

Save the file after editing and you have now your google ads displayed on the main page.

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