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Elgg is a free software that let's you create your own social networking site. It's been around for few years and certainly the best on the free software industry for its purpose. Elgg, started in 2004, is an open source social engine which powers all kinds of social environments - from education and business to martial arts and rugby. If you are looking for a professional social intranet or want to run a site for your organization, Elgg is a great choice.

I started using it few months ago. Back then, I was looking for a way to create an online alumni for our high school. I made some research about this site and all the comments impressed me so I decided to use it. Right now I have 3 sites all using Elgg and so far, it works perfectly.

Since my sites are established already, I wanted to integrate google adsense on it to generate some income and help me pay on my server host fees. For lots of beginners, putting adsense code is really a big headache, especially on where to put the code so it will work perfectly. I also waited for an adsense widget on their plugins, but nobody created it yet. If there is, they will ask for a fee in exchange of the code.

On this blog, I will try to give tutorials on where and how to put adsense code on the Elgg site. I hope this blog will be a greate help to all those Elgg users.

If you found this blog useful, please consider buying me a cup of coffee thru my paypal address rlmacalintal@yahoo.com. Put a link on my site too so that other Elgg users will know.